Definitely not quiet

I wrote recently about the air of nihilism in some corners of the media.  The blog was entitled, ‘Let’s not go quietly’, and was a nod to the famous poem by Dylan Thomas.    

I was invoking the poem as a call to arms against this air of defeatism, the ‘dying of the light’ in my interpreation at least, being the loss of hope and agency that seemed to be doing the rounds.   

I penned the blog in defiance and I felt all the better for it, so I was interested to see the new TV ad for the Ford’s 5L V8 Mustang this week which uses Thomas’ poem for an entirely different purpose. 

I’ve been habitually deconstructing adverts since my student days, but it doesn’t take a couple of decades in marketing to spot the in-your-face symbolism and messaging in this one.  

Photo by Avinash Patel from Pexels